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Lisa Williams

Welcome to my online classroom!


2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

Click on either of the two photos below. You will be taken to a different website with the same photo. Once at the new website, you can begin clicking on books and other objects in the photos. The books will take you to our Card Catalog. Other objects will take you to informational websites outside the JHS domain. Enjoy!

 JHS Library Bookshelf/Resources Week 1

JHS’ digital bookshelf debuts this year. Click on the bookshelf and it will take you to a new page. Once you get to that page, you can click on any book to learn more about it. These are books in our high school library so any student can come in and request the book if interested.

JHS Library Digital Bookshelf





2019-2020 School Year


December events in the library.

Students- you can learn a little about the artist at  You can learn more about the author and download the first chapter of her new book at  



The library would like to thank generous donors who have blessed the library this year!

Kay Drake, Connie Drake, Steven Bates, JHS Class of ‘87 alum Jennifer Semar, Sylvia Loftis, Stan Starts, Tiffany Silkey, STUCO, Karen Alexander & Delaware County Public Library




JHS library sells earbuds as a fundraiser each year.  The earbuds are $2 per pair.  This money goes toward books and materials for the library as needed.  Not only does the fundraiser help the library (which benefits every student in the school), it also helps supply E2020 students with a necessity for their classes at an inexpensive price.



The library opens most mornings at 8:00 a.m. and is also open most days during flex for students to relax, study, check email, do research, etc.



Join us on social media.  We are active on Instagram with the username @jayhslibrary.



Love to read?  Join our Book 2 Movie Club!  We try to meet once a month.  

JHS library book club sign-ups on Wednesday September 19, 2018.


Love to research?  Join our NextGen Club and learn how your family changed history!

NextGen family history research club sign-ups through October 19th!


The Peace Club also meets in the library on Thursdays at flex.  

Lisa Williams

Upcoming Events

Lisa Williams

Thank you for your donations!

JHS library would like to thank Stan Starts for his continuing donation of magazines to the library.  Thanks to John and Mary Morrow for their donation of non-fiction books to the library.  Thanks to Delaware County Public Library and Karen Alexander for their donation of books to the library.  We appreciate all your support!

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